For the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau, I developed creative strategy for a six-video YouTube series to promote tourism in the sister cities and offer industry organizations and businesses an innovative platform to showcase what they have to offer. Together the videos tell a story, which starts with this opening video, “Discover Shreveport-Bossier with Tarah.”

After determining a concept, I wrote a script for the opening video, then determined what attractions would be featured before working with industry professionals to coordinate film and interview schedules. Furthermore, I am featured in the videos, setting up each feature and interviewing featured tourism professionals at each location. I was responsible for seeking bids from local production companies, deciding which company to work with and I oversaw and approved the project through its entirety.

Once complete, I determined a YouTube release schedule for the videos and promoted them via other social media channels.

  • Social Media: YouTube Video Series
  • Skills: Content Strategy, Script Writing, Social Media, Public Relations Tactics
  • Position: Public Relations/Social Media Manager
  • Completed 2009
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